(Within the Seals)

NOTE: this is a Race-1 explanation of ‘procedure to protest.’ Before initiating your protest, obtain and understand the official policy of your racetrack and/or series director.

Should an owner/driver feel that a Race-1 secondary sealed engine has been manipulated beyond GM specifications within the seals, he may protest the engine for inspection.

The fee for this is $1500 of which 100% will be refunded should the engine be found out of GM specification within the seals.

Should the engine be deemed legal within specification the engine owner will receive $300 and the remaining $1200 will be used to reassemble the engine and pay for technical support.

Since all the engine components have a close tolerance and specification that is expressed in writing through the engine’s technical manual published by GM, Race 1 will do the tear down and inspection however the protestor may bring in any crate engine authorized rebuilder of their choice to witness the tear down and inspection.

Should there be any discrepancy of a dimension or component, the said component will be sealed and sent to a 3rd party for inspection.

“Within The Seals Excludes”

  • Top of the intake manifold
  • Exhaust Port (cyl. head)
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Valve Springs
  • Valve Spring Retainers
  • Valve spring keepers (locks)
  • Valve spring installed height
  • Valve Seals
  • Push rod
  • Rocker arm complete
  • Rocker arm stud
  • Camshaft Lifter
  • Valve Cover

The above components must remain within specification of GM and/or racetrack and/or series, however Race-1 takes NO responsibility for these components.

Should above components be deemed illegal, the protestor will still WIN the protest and protest fee’s will be refunded.

The illegal parts will be confiscated.

Secondary Seal Protest Procedure

(Outside the Seals)

The list of excluded items from the sealed engine are also subject to protest individually.

The fee is $500 per item of which will be completely surrendered back to the protestor if said part is found to

be out of specifications in any way.

The protest must be announced from a competing driver and or owner in the same race and must be accompanied by

the protest fee in cash at that time.

Protest time limit is over when cars are cleared from the scale.

Protested parts will be inspected by a Race-1 representative and/or track inspector.

If a part is in question, it will be sealed and first sent to Race-1 LLC and then possibly onto a 3rd party

inspection. All 3rd party inspections are at additional cost that will be paid by the party requesting the inspection.

Any parts found to be illegal will be confiscated.

Refusal of any tech inspection automatically disqualifies the engine for that event and any future events. The seals are to be cut off at that time and returned to Race-1 LLC.

Eligibility To Initiate A Protest

The Following is customary in the crate world. Track or Series Owners have the right to adjust eligibility.

  • Protested car must be within the top 5 (feature).
  • Protestor must be within the top 5 (feature).
  • ONLY car DRIVER/OWNER can protest.
  • Protest must be made in the tech area.
  • Protest must be made before any cars are released.
  • Protestor must pay the protest fee in cash to a track official at time of verbal protest.

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