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Several years ago, Race-1 performed extensive ‘static air’ testing using all available base systems we could secure against the Crate Innovations Flat Base. Just recently, Race-1 extended the test procedure using ‘dynamic air’ at high speeds. This advancement in testing procedures is to accurately evaluate ‘real world’ results rather than ‘Dyno’ results. This testing included the flat base and the newly developed Walker System.

The following contains the testing parameters and findings along with our comments. Please note that there are two sets of experiments and findings: the first from several years ago, and the second just recently.

Findings from Testing Several Years Ago

Several years ago we became involved with a test of the flat base air cleaner system on our engine dyno. The flat base air cleaner has been common among crate racers for many years and comes under several different brands but is basically the same no matter where purchased. This testing was performed against every possibility and combination of base and top we could think of.

The positives were that there was nothing comparable in power to the flat base; and we found that different tops made little to no change in power: it was the base itself that was key.

As with anything there are always downsides when testing new ideas. Although we found the flat base produced impressive power gains—it raised the air cleaner system so high that it was very difficult for the driver to see over. In addition, the aerodynamics with the air cleaner being raised so high above the hood produced downforce issues—and in this era all racers can understand and relate to downforce. Finally, the event of dynamic (moving) air would be harder to deflect and control with the air cleaner assembly so high in the air.

With all that said the flat base made stimulating power numbers. In the ‘crate world’ 2 digits is an eye opener, but this product was 4 plus digits compared to anything tested, so we promoted the product despite the negatives involved.

Findings from Recent Testing

The flat base system (no matter what the top) beat any drop base system by a minimum of 4 HP. 5-6 HP is more common—except for the Walker System! Walker has developed a “drop base” system that not only brings the air cleaner assembly down out of the air a significant amount but also maintains the power gains that we see with the flat base.

This alone is a WIN in the advancement of technology, but let’s look deeper.

At static air pressure, with all things equal, the flat base numbers are 1 digit better throughout the RPM range over the Walker. Nothing previous was within 4 digits.

That was with STATIC air typical of a dyno room (slow air speed).
Real world operation the air filter can possibly see air speeds of 100 MPH plus.

Consider the following.

Flat Base dynamic air:

  • We set up an air mover that produced air speeds in the 80-90 MPH range and directed this air at the air cleaner.
  • Our testing always begins at 2500 RPM, and we were not able to run the air speed on the flat base until 4500 RPM.
  • Below 4500 the engine was so choppy that we were afraid of damage to the engine and/or our dyno.
  • Flat base air speed tests were started at 4500 (which in all fairness you should never see high air speed at 2500 anyway).
  • The test continued to 6800 RPM, and the results were not dramatic from a numbers aspect. Although they were lower than static numbers, what did stand out was acceleration rate was diminished and with close examination of the graph results there were small dips in the torque curve leading to the slower acceleration.

Walker System dynamic air:

  • The same air mover was set up in the same position.
  • The Walker test was able to start at our normal 2500 starting point without any disruption.
  • Power numbers remained stable throughout the pull and were slightly higher than static numbers.
  • Graph results were flat without dips, and acceleration rate was comparable to static.

The ‘Take Away:’

  • Both systems show better power than anything ever tested by us.
  • The Walker system addressed the adverse situations that can impede the benefits of the flat base.
  • Both the flat base and the Walker System can be viewed on our web page on the air filter tab. Click here to visit our air filter tab »

A note about testing at our facility:

  • We use controlled air temperatures and a computer-controlled weather station to make all final adjustments.
  • We also perform all tests in a format of A-B-A-B.
  • This test session was performed on a 604 engine that had already seen a break-in procedure performed at an earlier date with all numbers being stable.
  • This test session had 48 dyno pulls and was done within a continuous 4-hour period.

Stay tuned for more real-world information as we are setting up a Dirt Late Model hood in our dyno cell for additional testing with high speed air!

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