Is More Really Better?

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The quality of the ZDDP is more important than the quantity of ZDDP

Just because an oil has a higher ZDDP level does not mean it actually provides better wear protection. There are more than five different types of ZDDP, and each type provides different levels of wear protection. Because of this, the choice of ZDDP type is just as critical as the amount of ZDDP. Simply put, engine protection requires more than just having a "high zinc" oil.

Evidence of this can be seen by comparing different types of ZDDP in the same base formula, in the same engine, with identically ground camshafts. After running both cams for the exact same amount of time, in identical conditions, with the only variable being the type of ZDDP, surface measurements reveal a 62.5% difference in wear. Obviously, the choice of ZDDP type has a significant effect on the rate of wear. However, a motor oil has to do more than just protect the valvetrain. Piston ring seal has a significant impact on horsepower output and oil consumption. As a result, proper piston ring break-in is critical for every engine—flat tappet or roller cam, gasoline or diesel. Just because an oil is good for cam break-in does not mean that it provides proper piston ring seal. This is why we spend hundreds of hours each year on the engine dynamometer testing high performance engines, collecting used oil samples and analyzing used parts. Driven has spent nearly two decades working to refine our formulas to provide the best of both worlds—excellent valvetrain protection and ring seal. Today, Driven provides a measurable improvement in protection and piston ring seal over what a "high zinc" oil or a "zinc additive" can provide. There is a reason more cam companies and piston ring manufacturers recommend Driven Racing Oil than any other.

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