Fuel Pressure

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One of our most common calls is about drivability issues on the track. Whether it be:

—a stumble on a restart,

—a corner bobble or lag, or

—an engine that lays down on the straight away.

We have found that an alarming amount of competitors don't even have a gauge.An accurate fuel pressure gauge is as important as the oil pressure gauge. We realize that reading a fuel pressure gauge while negotiating a corner is nearly impossible, however a quick look at mid-straight away will tell you a lot.

Knowing what the pressure is at idle and on a free rev is good information, but a loaded engine has a much different fuel demand; and in many cases the fuel pressure will be different under load.

Our recommendation for fuel pressure of GM crate engines running GAS (Oxygenated or Non-oxygenated) is more than 6 psi and less than 8 psi.

A good pump and regulator set up should not fall off more than 3/4 of a pound under load and should never climb more than 1/2 pound—all the time staying within the above mentioned range.

Alcohol type fuels require more volume and more pressure.

We will address those fuels in a future FAQ. If you have any questions about alcohol type fuels, please contact us by phone or email.

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