Why your carburetor floats are damaged.

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The float inside of your carburetor is a delicate component and can be damaged easily. Common causes of damaged floats are:

  • Attempting to start your engine with a sealed carb hat in place. The vacuum created by the engine will cause the float to implode and/or distort.
  • During the process of changing valve springs, the airing of the cylinders, with a sealed carb hat in place—the air can crush the float if air leaks past the valve.
  • Filling the float bowls with a squeeze bottle. NOTE: If you fill the bowls in this manner, do not seal the squeeze bottle to the vent tube.
  • Puff back or backfire through the carb. Commonly from late timing or a lean condition, the engine will 'sneeze' out the carburetor. If float levels have changed after a 'sneeze,' you should remove the bowls and inspect the floats.

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