602 Fuel Pump Pushrod and Distributor Gear Requirements

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(all information belwo is a recommdation from Race-1 not necesarily from GM)



The camshaft in the GM 602 engine is NOT compatible with aftermarket bronze materials.


We continuously see and hear of failures due to bronze tipped fuel pump pushrods and bronze distributor gears.


The distributor gear that comes with a 602 is melonized steel and is a perfect match for the camshaft.

It is GM# 10456413 and fits a .491 shaft.

If using an MSD distributor or any distributor with a .500 shaft the MSD black iron gear part# 8531 should be used.

These are the ONLY 2 gears we use at Race-1 on a 602 distributor.


The fuel pump pushrod should be standard length 5.750”

—and should NOT have a bronze tip.

Standard steel material is required.

GM Part# 3704817

We prefer a light weight version and commonly use.

Comp Cams Part# 4616


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