New Engine Start-Up

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(all information below is a recommendation from Race-1 not necessarily from GM)


The following is recommended by Race-1 for all new crate engines from GM—this will in NO way guarantee the engine will be problem free but will help to avoid problems.



The engine will not break in properly without a load on the crankshaft.

A dyno is the best way to properly break-in a new engine.

If a dyno is not available call us for race track break-in procedures.


Avoid unnecessary run time.


FIRST >> Complete the Race-1 new engine check list (Prep).

2)   Prime the oiling system with a pressure tank or a drill operated primer that installs in place of the distributor.

*We recommend priming the engine until oil is flowing to all rocker arms. * It is highly recommended that one of the above mentioned are used for the initial prime.

Spinning the engine over with the starter is NOT recommended and may cause early engine failure.

3)   We recommend priming the engine with Joe Gibbs BR30 or BR50 depending on ambient temperature; a 50/50 mixture is safe for all temperatures and preferred by Race l. Also use a Wix Filter.

4)   After the prime is complete—starting the engine as soon as possible is recommended. —Make sure oil level is correct.

5)   Start the engine, check for oil pressure immediately, and check for any leaks immediately.

6)   Check that timing is near 32 degrees—final timing adjustments should be made after the engine has reached operating temperature (see 604/602 TIMING).

7)   Run the engine at varying rpms between 1500 and 2200 until water temp is over 180° (cover radiator to speed the warming time).


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