602/604 TIMING

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(all information below is a recommendation from Race-1 not necessarily from GM)


1)   We recommend that both these engines be set at a TOTAL timing of 32 degrees.

NOTE: different amounts of timing may be beneficial due to different fuels, exhaust designs, carburetor choices and weather/altitude conditions. However, unless dyno testing is available (or controlled race track testing) we advise 32 to be the number.

2)   For most dirt racing applications, we recommend that the advance curve be locked out. —Call for specific recommendations.

3)   The balancer is marked out in degrees, and we highly recommend using the marks on the balancer and NOT a high-tech timing light with dial up advance. (Keep it simple.)



New style (skinny/thin/light weight) balancers NEED to be checked for correct TDC mark—MOST are NOT correct.

4)   Total timing is set with the engine hot and at an elevated rpm—(even with a locked distributor).

The timing actually will retard, and this is due to timing chain stretch—be sure to increase rpm until the timing marks become steady.


The purple wire DOES NORMALLY change position between the harness and distributor—but a final check of correct polarity is done by checking rotor phase and should ALWAYS be confirmed. After the timing is set align the timing marks with the engine shut off—then remove the dist. cap and validate rotor phasing.

The rotor should be pointing directly at either #1 or #6

If the rotor is pointing between terminals, —

The pick-up coil wires are reversed and must be corrected and then timing reset.

(The above procedure is for a distributor with a LOCKED advance mechanism.)

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