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An Introduction to Documented Sealed Engines

  1. What is a Documented Sealed Engine?
    1. A documented sealed engine is a crate racing engine that has been professionally inspected and specially ‘sealed’ with tamper resistant cables and tags each containing their own unique number and coding. No two Race-1 sealed engines have identical seal numbers or tags. Each sealed engine is fully documented on our website including pictures, and this information is free to all.

      Click here to visit our Documented Engine Seal Page »

    2. We install 6 (six) dual-coded cable seals of the highest quality and security known to us which legally cannot be produced for any other company. Each seal contains a laser logo and serial number. In addition, each seal contains a QR (quick response) code. This QR can be scanned by inspectors with their smart phones. Upon scanning the QR, the inspector will be immediately routed to our website’s ‘Documented Seals’ page. Upon entering the seal number (ex. R1210), he is brought to the page revealing the engine documentation including all information we have regarding the engine. (Scanning is not even necessary. Any person may simply go to our website, and in the search bar enter the engine owner’s name or build number (ex. R1100) and press enter.)
    3. A build assignment number is issued to each engine and stamped into the right front corner of the intake manifold for quick and easy reference.
  1. Why do we Document and Seal Engines?
    1. The GM sealed engine program was created by Bob Cross and became a desired concept in a short period of time. The original sealing program had flaws which could not be anticipated at its inception. However, through time and practice the racing community was able to uncover the imperfections of the sealed engine concept. The Race-1 Seal Program addresses all known flaws.
    2. Racetracks want consistency. Racers want a ‘level playing field.’ A sealed engine gives racers as well as racetrack owners the confidence that the ‘playing field is level.’ Knowing all participants’ engines have gone through the exact same rigorous inspection and sealing process gives all involved ‘peace of mind.’
  1. Why Race-1?
    1. Experience: Race-1 has sealed over 300 GM crate engines using our system and hundreds more using systems from national sanctioning bodies.
    2. Ease of reference: each engine and its respective documentation is just a click away.
    3. Race-1 has been an innovator and pioneer in the sealing process of crate racing engines for 15 years.
    4. Race-1 has been an innovator and pioneer of tech procedures used nationally.
    5. Race-1 provides written procedures for protests and teardowns.
    6. Race-1 continues to monitor activity around the engines and seals to make future adjustment in the security code should the need arise.
    7. Race-1 was the FIRST company to employ a detailed contract between ourselves and the engine owner.
    8. Race-1 provides hands-on technical support for your track or sanction.

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